Livestock for Small Acreage Landowners

A testimony by Rhetta McAlister, Country Music Minature Donkeys

Rhetta with George

Miniature donkeys are an excellent choice of animals to raise on small acreage. They do not require a lot of land to graze on, and they do not require any special fencing.

They are a pre-Jesus, purebred, originating from the Mediterranean area.

These miniature donkeys are small (30'-36" at the shoulders), quiet, affectionate, intelligent and delightfully enjoyable.

There is a very active market for minature donkeys. Many people like to show animals and there are many miniature donkey shows throughout the U.S. as well as Canada and Europe. The Ft. Worth Livestock Show, The Dallas State Fair and The Houston Livestock Show all have a full day of miniature donkey classes. Miniature donkeys are becoming popular with people all over the country. Many of these people are coming to Texas to purchase breeding stock. People from Canada and Europe are also coming to Texas to buy miniature donkeys.

Miniature donkeys require minimal care - yearly vaccinations and quarterly wormings. Their hoofs need to be occasionally filed, but no shoes are required. They need a three-sided shed for protection from the heat, rain and cold. They do well in every climate and are healthy, hearty, easy keepers.

They primarily eat grass, random plants and weeds. During a drought, and in the winter, they need a supplement feed of coastal hay. Alfalfa is not recommended, as it will cause these little donkeys to gain too much weight.

Many people run miniature donkeys with their sheep and goats, because they serve as effective predator control. They are compatible with all breeds of livestock - horses, cows, exotics, etc.

Putting aside the excellent investment miniature donkeys are, they are a versatile pet that can be enjoyed in many ways. They are easier to train than ponies, and willingly accept a child on their back. It is also very easy to teach them to pull little buggies and carts and to carry packs for hiking and camping. It is fun to use them in parades, school programs, church nativity scenes, and to put chips and dips in their backpacks for parties.

Miniature donkeys are fantastic pets for the elderly, handicapped and small children. Some people even call them "grandchildren bait!"

From the moment the tiny, fluffy, appealing, long eared foal is born, its mission is to give love and to thrive on affection. They are the most adorable, affectionate creatures in the animal kingdom.

Legend says that the dark stripe that forms a cross down the back and across the shoulders, of every miniature donkey, is a sign that these little donkeys have been touched by the hand of God.

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